February 2018

In line with current eco-trends and aiming for a 'greener' lifestyle The Raptor is an e-newsletter - it does not conform to traditional page sizes and is not designed to be printed. The Raptor is what YOU make it so please do keep sending all the sightings and information through.

In This Issue
A Lucky Escape! Pangolin Rescue
Survival of the Fittest Wild Dogs enjoying the spoils on RV
Rearing Chicks Pearl-Spotted Owlet Success Story
Caught in the Act Camera Trap Sightings
Interesting Sightings Observations from our residents
Photo Gallery Great results from our photographers
A Final Word Nude Cyclists and more...

The very welcome and long awaited rain for the start of the year eventually arrived in mid-February with reports of over 50mm in parts of the estate over several days. The wildlife was as excited as we all were!
land snail
Giant Land Snail, Simone Braun - RV255
catfishCatfish (Barbel), Derek Solomon - RV254

Pangolin Rescue
with thanks to Lorraine van Aswegen, RV73; Byron Wright & Janine Scorer for the story and images.
Mid-morning on 2 January Aubrey & Lorraine van Aswegen discovered a pangolin curled up between the new security fence and the electric fence near their home on the eastern fence line. A call to Byron brought him to the scene faster than Flash Gordon and in no time the pangolin was safely disentangled - unharmed although not without a few fence shocks to its rescuer! It was released in the wilderness area.

Interestingly, this was the second one found within a week - as another was discovered, and safely released, between Christmas and New year. It is thought they were 2 separate individuals.
pangolin pangolin
pangolin pangolin

Wild Dogs - Keith Hartshorne, RV298 & Wildtrud Peter, RV167
Late last year the pack of Wild Dogs together with their growing pups enjoyed some several days feasting on the estate. We are so fortunate to have them passing through - although sometimes the events are rather gruesome!
wild dog wild dog
wild dog wild dog

Peal-spotted Owlet feeding chicks - Bertie Vorster, RV156
Delighted to find this Peal-spotted Owlet with prey (unidentified bird) feeding its 2 offspring late in 2017.
owl owl
owl owl

Camera Trap Sightings
An early morning Spotted Hyaena visitor, Rob Melville, RV225

wild cat
Wild Cat, Rob Melville, RV225
Aardvark, Rob Melville, RV225

Leopard from one of the RV camera traps.
Banded Mongoose from one of the RV camera traps.

Interesting Sightings on the Estate
The very hot weather in January brought everyone out looking for water!
giraffe monitor
Giraffe at the pool. Gitta Lieberherr, RV295 Monitor taking a dip, Robyn Keene-Young, RV259

mating snails mating snails
Mating Giant Land Snails, found on the Buffalo Trail on Christmas Eve (photo with shoe for size comparison).
Julie & Steve Benbow RV 247

whip scorpion agama
A harmless arthropod - Tailless Whip Scorpion.
Maryke & Gerhard Redecker, RV100

I almost stood on this very angry Agama - she was busy laying her eggs in a hole in the ground.
Hilda Cavill-Taylor, RV233

White-backed Vulture, Charlie Scaife (Aged 5), RV16

adder boomslang
Rhombic Night Adder, Robyn Keene-Young, RV259 Boomslang, Val Morgan, RV135

wild cat martial eagle
Wild Cat, Jon Quirk, RV258 Martial Eagle, Chris Gregory, RV221

black mamba
black mamba
1 - 1.5m Black Mamba sunning itself on Snake Eagle road. Chris Gregory, RV221

catipillar blind snake
Woolly Bear Caterpillar, Simone Braun, RV255 Blind Snake (+/-40cm), Simone Braun, RV255

boomslang boomslang
A satisfied Boomslang consuming our resident Crested Barbet. Hugh Preston, RV288

bug dragonfly
A colourful beetle looking for identification.
(possibly one of the Chafer Beetles - Eds)
Denis Blewett, RV321
Kirby's Dropwing
Denis Blewett from RV321

Photo Gallery
Red-billed Firefinch, Thinus Potgieter, RV266
little sparrowhawk
Little Sparrowhawk, Thinus Potgieter, RV266

Twig SnakeTwig Snake
Thinus Potgieter, RV266

sunbird nest
A sunbird nest on the eastern fence. The spider has since reclaimed the nest and closed the hole.
Thinus Potgieter, RV266

A Final Word
nude cyclist The most talked about happening on the estate last year was the sighting of the nude cyclists... whilst there is a serious side to this and the Board were quite right to take it to task; it did create much hilarity, discussion and ribald comments amongst residents...

See some great camera trap videos HERE

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