Facts and Details

The Estate

Raptor’s View Wildlife Estate can be found on the south-western edge of Hoedspruit town, on the R527 Main Road.

24°21'32.8"S 30°56'44.6"E

The offices of the Raptor’s View Wildlife Estate Home Owners Association (RVHOA) can be found outside of the estate at unit number 14 Safari Junction (24°21'34.3"S 30°56'38.0"E).  Office hours are 8h30 – 12h30 and 13h30 to 16h30 Monday to Friday.

Raptor’s View Wildlife Estate is run by a board of directors elected by the Home Owners Association for a two year period.

The directors are supported by a number of sub-committees, namely

  • Building & Construction
  • Communication
  • Ecology & Estate Management
  • Finance
  • Security
  • Health & Safety
  • Projects/Maintenance

Our General Manager is James Cary and he is assisted by two estate managers and their staff of workers on the estate, as well as two admin staff.

A monthly news bulletin is emailed to update residents on current estate events and we have a bulk WhatsApp service from the office for emergency notifications as well as exciting wildlife sightings – like leopard and wild dog.

The Raptor’ is an electronic wildlife newsletter containing interesting sightings and information – residents are encouraged to send in their photographs for inclusion.

All relevant documentation is found under “Estate Rules”

You can also read more in our newsletters and The Raptor


‘Plains game’ refers to all those species of animals which are to be found in the savannah habitats of southern Africa, excluding big five animals as well as crocodile and hippopotamus (we do have leopard). A checklist of birds, mammals and reptiles recorded on the estate can be found here.


Being an estate with plains game means that residents are safe, with the usual precautions, to walk and cycle on the estate. Aardvark map,  Zebra map and Lion and Buffalo map.

The roads in Raptor’s View are gravel/sand roads and normal sedan cars as well as four by four vehicles and game viewers are permitted on the roads. The 30 km/h speed limit is strictly enforced.

Quad bikes are not permitted and motorbikes may only be used for access to and from private homes with written permission from the Board.

Access to the estate by large delivery vehicles is restricted.

They may:

- not have horse and trailer trucks or interlinks; 

- if double axel trucks, not have a capacity in excess of 10 cubic metres; 

- not have a height in excess of 3.5 metres from ground level; 

- not have a length in excess of 10 metres  

A number of Raptor’s View residents have purchased praedial servitudes giving them access to traverse the neighbouring Welverdiend/Khaya Ndlovu estate where big game may be viewed, subject to certain rules and conditions. These traverse rights can be purchased through local estate agents subject to availability and are linked to the title deeds of individual properties. Contact secretary.whoa@gmail.com for further information.

Security and access to the estate

We have outsourced our security on the estate. The estate has a guard house at the main entrance and at the Contractor’s gate where access to the estate is controlled, and the electrified game fencing on all boundaries is checked on a regular basis by patrol vehicles.

Cameras are located in the high risk areas of the estate.

A home security system is available to residents at their own cost. A roving patrol service can be booked to check on houses when residents are away – contact the office for details.

Residents access the estate through the main gate using an access card which is provided by the RVHOA office, and guests may be given access by residents.

Contractors, suppliers, domestic, gardening, pool and other services enter the estate through the Contractor’s Gate using a biometric system.

Learn more on our security page. 


In case of an emergency on the estate, contact estate management, or in the case of a medical emergency, contact Hoedspruit Medical Rescue.

Emergency contact numbers are:

Security - Estate Management 071 675 2525

Canyon Risk Control Room 086 111 5216

Canyon Risk Mobile Unit 083 321 3388

Hoedspruit Medical Rescue 072 170 0864 (Pieter Papsdorf)

Fire Department 015 713 0536

 Farmwatch membership is paid by the RVHOA and their services are therefore available to Raptor’s View residents.

The Hoedspruit Plaaswag or Farmwatch, was originally initiated as an anti-theft organisation dealing with crop theft on local farms. However, their efficient service and commitment to the community have resulted in the management and control of a wide range of incident management services and community support. Hoedspruit Farmwatch work closely with the South African Police Service and have produced exceptional results in mitigating crime in the region as well as having a marked impact on rhino poaching. 

For a small annual membership fee Farmwatch offers the local community a safety support service. They update members via Whatsapp on local safety issues and their reaction unit will assist and respond to emergency calls from their members in any situation that potentially indicates a threat to life or property. 

Emergency contact number 072 310 0032.

Snakes are generally more afraid of you than you are of them and will often distance themselves if given the opportunity; but a cornered (venomous) snake or a large monitor could be unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Such creatures should not be killed. If it is safe to do so, look carefully so that you can describe it and then call the estate duty manager for assistance on 071 675 2525.

Snake removals are also organised through the Hoedspruit Reptile Centre on 015 795 5203 or 064 516 7439.

Call our farm manager on 071 675 2525. Property firebreaks are mandatory and fire extinguishers, fire hoses and beaters are highly recommended.

Lifestyle and rules

What are important rules for living on Raptor’s View?

We have some essential rules which protect our lifestyle and safety on the estate. Further details may be found in the Residents Handbook but the core principles are:

Our speed limit is strictly 30km p/h.  Many people walk and cycle on the Estate, including children, and many vulnerable small creatures are found on the roads – snakes, chameleons, squirrels, birds etc.

Domestic Pets are not allowed on the estate. The estate is very firm about the no pets policy because it prevents interbreeding with our indigenous wildlife populations, and because domestic pets can spread diseases to which our wildlife has no resistance. Read the article written by pet psychologist Dr Melvyn Greenburg (aka Dr. Platzhund) who used to own a property on Raptor’s here

Feeding of Wildlife is not allowed; it not only disturbs the natural foraging behaviour of the animals but creates in them a dependency to being fed. This in turn leads to them becoming habituated and unafraid of humans. In particular, monkeys, baboons, porcupine, warthog and nyala can very soon become a problem - creating damage to property and risk to residents.

Raptor’s View is a tranquil, quiet wildlife estate and all residents are requested to respect this quality of life and keep noise to a minimum, especially after 22h00. No noise will be permitted from 22h00 until 06h30 each day and power tools may only be used during the hours of 07h30 to 17h00 on Mondays to Fridays and 08h00 to 13h00 on Saturdays.

Every consideration should be given to making sure that lighting does not impact on neighbouring properties, especially in boma and braai areas. View our Architectural Rules here.

Drones are not permitted to fly over the estate or in the local area for the sake of privacy of residents. In any event they may not be flown 10 kilometres or closer to an airport without special permission from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA).

Indigenous Plants - to protect our environment and animals, no exotic plants may be planted on the estate.

Property firebreaks are mandatory and are a safety precaution which needs to be maintained annually. This includes grass cutting, some bush clearing and trimming of trees that are particularly close to thatch roofs. Fire extinguishers, fire hoses and beaters are essential. These precautions are also pre-requisites for property insurance.

Building and home ownership

The Raptor’s View Wildlife Estate Architectural Rules are intended to protect the bushveld ambience and character of the estate. They include the construction of houses which are single storey only, built within a 20m radius of the central plot peg, have thatched roofs and with exterior walls painted in one of the approved estate colours. All additions and alterations require approval from the RVHOA building committee. A copy of these Rules can be found here. 

In order to allow our wildlife free movement within the estate, the architectural rules do not allow for fencing of properties.

Domestic refuse and mixed recycling are collected by estate staff members and we actively encourage recycling. There is a nominal charge for this service.

Black bin bags must be used for wet and other non-recyclable waste and coloured bags, available from the office, are used for the wide range of materials which can now be recycled.

All refuse bags awaiting collection must be placed in an animal proof bin or cage. The estate manager and his team can advise residents how to make their bins etc. baboon proof. It is essential that homeowners cooperate with this in order to avoid problems with all wildlife, but primates in particular, trying to access waste food.

In Hoedspruit town there is a recycling drop off point at Pick ‘n Pay where light bulbs & fluorescent tubes, batteries and printer cartridges can be disposed of. Lowveld Power Tools (Moose/Panther streets) also take defunct electronic items.

Monthly levies are charged to cover general maintenance of the estate such as road maintenance, hides and dams, ecology and animal husbandry. There is also a monthly capital levy which makes provision for capital projects and development such as the current road improvement project.


The Hoedspruit area is well served by a number of good schools including one on the estate, giving parents choices with regard to the education of their children.

Southern Cross Schools are situated on the northern edge of Raptor’s View Wildlife Estate, sharing land with the Estate but with a separate entrance at Safari Junction and run independently from Raptor’s View Wildlife Estate. It is a co-educational, independent day and boarding school offering pre-school, preparatory and college education to Grade 12.

At the time of the development of Raptor’s View Estate, the developer Trevor Jordan was approached by two mothers, Heidi Smith and Sue Godding, to set aside a few hectares on which a private school could be established. Southern Cross Schools is the result of this and the hard work by dedicated individuals who had the vision of a school in the bushveld with a focus not only on the highest standard of education, but also on developing a respect and appreciation for nature and the environment. The school is known to be a major contributing factor in the success of Raptor’s View as more and more young families move here and make it home. Visit their website