Security and Medical Services


Security on the estate is top priority and outsourced to a professional security company. Access is tightly controlled, and the perimeter fence is electrified conservancy-standard fencing.

Raptor’s is surrounded by neighbouring wildlife estates and security is managed cooperatively with adjoining conservancies, all of whom have equal standards of access control and fencing. There are two manned access points of entry into the estate with strict gate controls and access cards for residents. Access cards are issued by the office for residents and visitors. Security cameras are installed at strategic points, and the fences are patrolled 24/7.

Contractors, estate agents and domestic workers undergo annual security checks linked to the SAPS criminal data base, and carry access cards with photos, ID numbers and employers’ details. All contractors have their company name displayed on three sides of their vehicles for easy ID.

We have an excellent and very active Farmwatch/Townwatch association which offers the community a safety support service and their reaction unit will assist and respond to emergency calls from their members in any situation that potentially indicates a threat to life or property. They work closely with the South African Police Service.

Hoedspruit town has many CCTV cameras and they are an indispensable tool in keeping our town safe. This system needs camera monitors – this can be down from the comfort of your own home – you just need a computer and good internet connection and power backup to cover loadshedding. Contact Farmwatch if you would like to assist with this work. 

Raptor’s View is a member of the association and residents fall under this membership. However, residents are also able to sign up directly with Farmwatch/Townwatch or donate to support their valuable work.

Contact Farmwatch to join or donate: 083 647 7951.

Security updates and information are posted on the Hoedspruit Community Policing Forum Facebook Group – see more HERE.

Medical Services

Residents, visiting friends & family and domestic workers have access to the Hoedspruit Medical Rescue service 24/7 in case of a medical emergency. This service is funded by the estate. Any additional expenses incurred for medical treatment are not covered by the estate’s contract, and will be for the members’ account.

Raptor's View

Below are excerpts from the medical contract

Hoedspruit Medical Rescue will provide Raptors View Home Owners with the following services:

  • Response to medical / trauma related call-outs with the necessary life support equipment, by the Client, whenever physically able in doing so;
  • To make arrangements deemed necessary in order to dispatch a medical emergency team to the Client; and
  • To take or to facilitate the taking of appropriate actions on the emergency scene, as deemed necessary and in accordance with the stipulations and prescribed protocols, as set out by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), which may include air evacuation if the patient falls into flight criteria.
  • To render a medical/ trauma response to all individuals who are on the Client’s property during normal business hours.
  • To render a 24 hr. medical/trauma response to all company employees at their homes as agreed upon with management.
  • It is stipulated, and the Client being made aware of same, that the Service Provider is not a qualified doctor and will also not take over the role of a doctor. The Service Provider is also not able to render the impossible and will render services within the Service Provider’s scope of practice.
  • It is up to the Service Provider to establish if any service provided to persons covered by this agreement, are to members, residents, visitors or employees of RVHOA and Raptors View Wildlife Estate.

Geographical area of service coverage

The service provider will cover the following geographical areas for the following entities:

  • Residents, domestic staff, estate staff and estate visitors – within the boundaries of the estate fence.
  • Members and their immediate families only – In the greater Hoedspruit area ranging from Strydom Tunnel, Mariepskop, Kampersrus, Klaserie, Orpen Gate, Mica, Gravelotte and areas in between.
  • Employees of the Association are covered under this contract.

Emergency Contact information

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